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A group of friends in Arizona noticed a recurring problem with arm rests on such outdoor furniture pieces as patio chairs, chaise lounges, and (outdoor) couches. Out in the sun for a couple of hours, such arm rests often heat up to such extent that, in order to be comfortable, they need to be covered with some sort of cloth – a spare t-shirt, towel, etc.


What we have invented is an armrest cover for outdoor seating units that enables a person to sit and rest their arm on the armrest of the patio furniture without concern that they might burn their arm, while also providing cushioning that stays in place on the arm rests.  The armrest cover is made from weather-resistant material that is color coordinated and/or pattern coordinated with existing seat cushions and/or back cushions of the patio furniture.  Each cover is attachable to an armrest in a convenient and attractive manner. This patent-pending breakthrough innovation is now known as 

“Pad Soleil” armrests.

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Mother, Grandmother,

Counselor and life long




Retired Boeing,


studied marketing and 

avid sports enthusiast. 


Customer Care and

cost estimating for

aerospace mfg. and

loves to golf.




Accountant and

loves to golf.

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